Sailing to Beveridge Reef

Author: Mark
Date: August 19, 9.30pm MST
Location: 17 57.033 S - 159 22.310 W
Conditions: 18-22kts SSE, 9.3kts SOG, All is well

This is a quick update on Field Trip. We left our favorite spot in the Society Islands - Maupihaa - about 2.5 days ago. More on this little piece of paradise later. For now, we want to let everyone know all is well aboard and we are sailing during this weather window to Beveridge Reef near Niue. We decided to skip the Cook Islands all together due to the weather and head west 800NM. So far so good. We have been flying the past 24 hours averaging 9+ kts with good wind. The seas have been lumpy, but everyone is doing well aboard. We'll keep you posted on progress and details in the next day or two. We expect to arrive to the reef late Friday or early Saturday.

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