24 Hours

Author: Mark
Date: Nov 15, 4:30pm NZT
Location: 20 34 S - 175 47 E
Conditions: 16-18ts @ 70T, 190T COG, 7.8kts SOG, 2.5m swell with 11s period

We left yesterday from Fiji to New Zealand. We're off to a good start. Within 30 minutes of leaving our anchorage we landed a nice size Mackerel. Neil was quick to reel the fish in and get it fileted. It's Mackerel from dinner tonight!

The passage so far has been generally uneventful. The seas kicked up overnight to swells of 3m+, but that was relatively sort lived. We are in the process if getting everyone settled into our routine - so far so good.

The meals have been great since Sarah pre-made most of our dinners. All the boys have to do is "heat and eat". In a way Sarah is still here with us…even though I'm sure she's glad to be in Auckland vs. beating south 1,000NM to New Zealand…grin.

The biggest issue we've had so far is securing our fuel cans. The seas have been rather heavy, and we unfortunately had four of our diesel cans slide off the side on the deck. One spilled 10L of diesel on deck at 10pm last night. I was out mopping up diesel as Warren and Neil helped clean off the jugs with soap and water in 20kts of wind. Ugly. Otherwise, we are doing great and really enjoying the connectivity of our Iridium Go. It's GREAT. Sarah and I have been texting each other and sharing photos over our dedicated connection. While not fast, it's nice having a WiFi hotspot on the boat connected to friends and family 24/7.


  1. Great to know that the Iridium Go is good. I saw Predictwind advertising it and thought it looked brilliant!


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