72 Hours

Author: Mark
Date: Nov 17, 11:30am NZT
Location: 24 51 S - 175 18 E
Conditions: 5-7ts @ 180T, 190T COG, 6.2kts SOG, 1.0m swell with 10s period, 1017.6 barometer

It's been 72 hours sine we left Fiji. Wow, how things have changed. We knew we would get our butts kicked the first two days with heavy swell and sea. I can report that our expectations were met. It wasn't as rough as we have seen in the past. We've just not done a lot of upwind sailing since leaving Grenada. We are spoiled rotten!

It's now dead calm. Flat seas, mild swell from south and sunny skies. Needless to say everyone is very relaxed. The big news is Neil has been promoted to chef. He cooked dinner last night and it was excellent. We almost broke out the candles and a little mood music from Air Supply.

The forecast looks a lot of the same. Light winds (<10kts) most of the way to Opua with some clocking and a mild frontal system arriving tomorrow.

Tonight is my special birthday party planned by Neil and Warren….hmmm….could get ugly. More tomorrow….


  1. UPDATE: I just received an email from Neil, the chef and party planner on board with Mark. Should I be worried?


    Thank you so much for giving us a heads up on Mark’s birthday. We had a great time during our Mexican dinner fiesta last night. But then things unfortunately went a bit south.

    I’m so sorry about the couch catching on fire. The leather is a total loss, but overall, the woodwork looks structurally OK, just a bit burnt. And none of us can figure out where the tiger and the baby came from.

    Lastly, I feel really bad about the new tattoo on Mark’s face. Warren promised us that he was scored very high marks in his recent tattoo class. I hope someday you will learn to like it.

    See you this weekend.



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