The Windward Side

After finishing up math and writing, we geared up to be naturalists for the afternoon to learn more about the ecosystem of the islands.  We were on the look out for any new creatures, shells, plants, or landscapes.  It was great to get out and stretch our legs a bit, too.  Some of our favorite finds were… fungi as big as Michael’s foot, driftwood sculptures, tiny spiders, orange aphids, and some new shells to add to our growing collection.  Elizabeth is getting to be quite the “sheller”, rattling off the names of nearly every shell she picks up!  She is our official trader when anyone comes to the boat to trade for shells.  Her expertise and savvy business skills have gained us some quite rare and unique specimens!  After our walk, William hacked some fresh green coconuts open for us to drink and we huddled under a tin roofed hut to wait out a heavy rainstorm.

Unfortunately, George got word that his wife had been hospitalized for her gout, and he had to rush to catch the boat to get to KiraKira to catch the plane to get to Honiara to be with her.  He was a warm and kind host for us, and we pray that his wife recovers quickly.

Biology lessons in the bush
Hiking to the beach through the old copra plantation 
Finally, the beach on the windward side
Michael playing with an abandoned carved boat he found in a tide pool
Mark opening a fresh coconut

 Michael's picture of a bug or something... :)
Having school in the rain as we wait for the squall to pass.


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