Our Playful Pet Dolphins!

These pets didn’t come to a whistle, but rather the high-pitched whir of an outboard motor! Once they heard our engine, the entire pod of at least 30 dolphins would come zooming over to play. The army of the dorsal fins would break the surface of the water with each breath in a beeline for us, then they’d make a quick turn and swim right at the bow of our boat as we zoomed along, splashing, leaping, almost frolicking (if frolicking is possible to do underwater!). I couldn’t help but squeal in delight at the scene! Elizabeth and I leaned over the bow and giggled as we watched them jockey for best position and keep perfect time with our speed. It was magical!

But then, as soon as we slowed down and put the engine in neutral, they’d disappear as quickly as they’d come. The fun was over momentarily until we revved up the engine again and did a few donuts to summon our new pets. And sure enough, there they came - zooming in perfect unison with our every turn, enjoying the challenge and the excitement! We decided it was like their p.e. class - a fun break from their everyday happenings.
Mark had told us that he and Matt had figured out a way to see the action underwater! He hooked up the ski tow rope, and we pulled Elizabeth behind us wearing her mask and snorkel. Again, once the engine switched to forward, the dolphins came to play and Elizabeth could see them perfectly in the clear water! I gave it a go, but being dragged through the water wasn’t really my thing!

The next day, SV Perry came out, too, and this time all the kids and I jumped into the water and stayed in one spot while Mark and Matt brought the dinghies motoring by for an underwater dolphin parade!! This was absolutely one of my favorite experiences thus far. To have them so close that E could touch a dorsal fin! And to watch their unrestrained joy! What a wonderful world this is!


  1. What an amazing experience for all of you. Wishing you safe travels!!


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