Red, White, & Blue by Elizabeth

Red, White, and Blue 
By Elizabeth

Yesterday was supposed to be an ordinary day. I got up early, did chores, finished school, ate lunch, it rained (a lot), etc. Then Dad said, “It's the 4th of July!” Those five words changed that ordinary day into a whole new, extraordinary one. 
I suddenly found myself holding a small bottle of red food coloring while Dad stood behind me, telling me how many drops to put in the white, gooey cake mix. Mom was carefully dying her batter blue while another bowl sat, white and un-dyed, on the counter. 
“These are going to be the best cupcakes in the world!” I said out loud to the now-red batter. “Matt is going to be so surprised that we made these soon-to-be works of art!” 
Even though I wasn't talking to him, Dad answered my undirected exclamation with a chuckle, “We should put a little sign that reads 'Go TRUMP!' on his cupcake! He'll get a kick out of that!” 
Soon we were carefully putting a tablespoon of each color of batter into the cupcake pan. I could hardly contain my excitement, so I let a little out just to make sure I didn't burst (Dad wouldn't have been too happy if that happened),“Yippee! I can't wait to see the finished product! Red, white, and blue! Red, white, and blue! Red, white, and blue! Happy Birthday, America!!!” 
After cleaning the kitchen up, Mom and I started crafting some small signs like Dad suggested. I made the 'Go TRUMP!' one as well as others while Mom made some, too. We let them dry while Mom and I iced the cupcakes. 
Friends (Perry and Sam) came for a hot dog cookout. Markie, as always, made us crack up laughing with all of his funny faces and jokes. We ate a large meal and drank through about 2 and a half bottles of water! Then I glanced at the cupcakes… 
''Matt, how dare you touch my cupcakes!!! You... you... uh!“ I stalked off toward the cupcakes. Studying my 'Go TRUMP!' sign, I saw that he had written on it! 
Now transformed, the innocent-looking sign read 'Go take a DRUMP!' 
"Dad! Look how mischievous Matt is!'' I said in an accusing voice, a stiff finger pointing at the crime scene and my other hand propped upon my hip. 
''Clever!” he said, amused.
“You think!?’' I responded sarcastically and went out on deck to play Graveyard and Museum with the boys. This ordinary day had become extraordinary.  And to think… it all started with those five words!  It’s the Fourth of JULY!!

Happy Independence Day to all of our American friends and family!   


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  2. You write very well. Homeschooling pays off.


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