Soltuna Tuna Factory Tour

By Elizabeth

This is a story with a moral,
That doesn't smell like floral!
I was so excited to go,
But little did I know!

Down my heart went,
When I smelled the awful scent.

Lower it still dropped,

When hundreds of fish flipped and flopped.

Then it hit me,

The truth I didn't see: 
''This is why we don't eat,
Any fresh fish meat!!! 

''All of the fish; small and large,

Get scooped up in that barge!

Why do people overfish,

So they get money like greedy men wish?'' 

We then started walking, 
Wondering, whispering and talking. 
Then the guide led us into a room, 
That filled my heart with doom! 

White boots, hairnets, orange jackets and cloaks, 
Made me almost choke!
Why do they want to make,

All of us do it for their own sake?!'' 

Laughter and giggles soon cured
My feelings of looking obscure. 
Michael then made our giggles sail, 
With his newly done ponytail! 

s/v Perry and s/v Field Trip
Tuna tasting by the kids
Matt inspecting the quality of the tuna cleaners


  1. I tried to fillet a lemon cod recently and couldn't do it. Slid continuously from my hands. Then I got silly scared. Fishermen come into nearby Fisherman's Wharf in Steveston part of Richmond BC.


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