The Mortlock School Adventure

By: Elizabeth Silverstien
             (Based on true events.)

PROLOGUE:  Mom broke out the horrible news one day before it was going to happen, "I've talked with the teachers and they said we can read and help to the class throughout the week! Just think of all we can do!"

'NOOO!!!' I screamed inside my head. I looked over at Michael and our eyes met. It looked like all the life and energy was slowly draining from his face. 'At least I'm not the only one dreading this.'

"Now go pick a book that you would like to read to the classes", she instructed.

"Classes?! More than one class?" I questioned Mom.

"Oh, quit your belly aching. There's only four classes."

School assembly prior to classes beginning

Chapter 1: Remember 

As we went into shore, Mom went over what we were going to do, "Make sure to remember my rules. Do you both remember them?"

When we were just about to answer, mom blurted,"Here just read them again," and she stuffed the piece of paper into my hand.

This is what it said:

- Smile a lot

- Read loudly

- Stay still while reading

- Ask questions

- Show the cover and all the pictures 
- Acknowledge them

- Entertain them

- Show you care about their questions 
- Bow when finished

- Introduce yourself 
Elizabeth helping teach a class

Chapter 2: Only 1\4 

I was so nervous even though I only had to read three short poems, but I was also jealous because Michael was just going to act out the poems, not read! As we neared the school, a teacher walked up to us and told Mom that all the students would be in one class. I was sort of relieved, but then my dread seeped back as I realized that if I made one mistake everyone would know, but before if I made a mistake, only 1\4 of the kids would know. Michael then groaned, so he must have figured it out, too.

Chapter 3: My name is... 

As we walked up to the front of the class room, I could feel all 33 pairs of eyes boring into me. "Hi everyone!" Mom called joyfully, "My name is Sarah, and this is Michael, and this is Elizabeth! We are going to tell you about books. Now as you know, books are a main part..." I droned out her talk so I could repeat my poems over and over.

15 minutes later I realized everyone was staring at me. I gave mom the 'what is going on?' look and the replied by using the 'get up here now!' look and I realized that she had called me up...but since I droned her out...I didn't hear her! I quickly stood up and began to read, making sure to follow most of the rules while Michael acted.
Kids outside classroom

Chapter 4: Again?! 

Once I was in the dinghy, it dawned on me that it hadn't been that bad! I was strangely excited to do it again!

"Hey Mom!" I said.

"Yes sweetness," she answered.

"Can we, well, do it again?"

"Again?! Oh, no. Tomorrow morning I'll be teaching year 5 and 6."

"Please!? You said we had all week to help out."

"Ok. Tomorrow at 10:00am you can tag along, but make sure to bring a book and follow ALL the rules, deal?"


Sarah getting the class started

Epilogue: true or false? 

This is a story based on true happenings, but some of the facts are embellished. For example: my mom isn't a tyrant and she didn't give us rules. Though most facts are true. There were 33 children and I did read 3 short poems; one about disagreeing with a shark, another about building a house of bananas, and the last one was about something you don't want to eat. In the end, I read two stories to different classes and I had a great time. When we left the Mortlocks I was quite sad, but I have a feeling we will be doing it again someday!


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