Seabreeze Dinner and a Cruise!

It is amazing how industrious and patient the people of the Luf village are! Frieda and Nancy have been working to get a restaurant up and running on their tiny piece of paradise since a few years ago when Tom and Susie on SV Adina passed through here and made the suggestion. News spread among the cruiser community and the following year, Sara and Phil on SV Loch Marin contributed a beautiful set of plates and utensils to the culinary cause. By the time we arrived, a year later, the Seabreeze Restaurant (named by Phil) was ready for customers! I loved seeing such a culmination of efforts and resources between the cruisers and the islanders bring new opportunities.
Sunset restaurant on water

Frieda and Nancy had outdone themselves! I’m sure it was an all-day affair to cook the buffet of local fare that graced our table that afternoon - taro, fried fish, fish cooking in coconut milk, rice, fresh fruit, and even a sweet treat! One of my personal favorites was the ‘pudding’ made from cassava and flavored with sweet bananas. I could not help but think of how resourceful these two ladies were, and how many of their precious, limited resources we were using up! They were proud as punch to be hosting us, though, and I was grateful to eat out for a change!

After dinner, we were treated to a sunset longboat ride over to Freida’s mother’s homestead where she gifted us with a huge jackfruit!  I’d only ever tried canned jackfruit with bbq sauce, a vegan substitute for bbq pork sandwich filler from my mother-in-law.  However, this enormous, prickly fruit that she placed into my arms was something entirely different and would require some creativity.  Would it even fit on the countertops in my galley???

Before we left, we noticed a young woman organizing bottles of clear liquid.  She had started processing and selling coconut oil, and we were encouraged to see yet another industry bringing income to the families of Luf.    
Parrots on window of restaurant
Even though Freida and Nancy haven’t quite made it onto TripAdvisor yet, next time you stop into Luf, don’t miss the chance to enjoy some local fare and warm hospitality at Seabreeze!


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