Biking in Lombok

Written by Michael

Niko, the owner of Palmyra Indah on the other side of the bay, let us use some of the new bikes he bought for his guests. Our goal was to bike into town, get some groceries and some popsicles, and bike back.

We pushed our bikes up the steep hill and gasped at the new road that used to be just ditches and dirt
last time we went motorbiking. WOW 😲! We biked along the smooth pavement and then came across a caravan of cement trucks in the middle of the road! Some were still moving as we cautiously guided our bikes along nearly a foot of space beside the trucks.

We kept going and then came across a group of kids in the middle of the road. They separated as we rode right through the middle of them. I felt like a celebrity as they were all calling out “Mista, Mista! and waving as we passed, until my tire hit Dad’s tire and I almost fell off my bike! I blushed SO BAD!!  I think I was the color of a tomato as I got back on my bike and sped off. They were all laughing at me, but, ya know, typical!

We arrived at town and bought the mango and Cornetto pops, sugar, cookies, chips, and ramen at a little corner store that was run by three women. It took them a while to figure out the cheap price, even though they had a calculator.

On our way back, I had a few incidents! First, when we passed this small house that had some boys about my age playing on the road. One boy stood out in front of me with his arms out. I knew he would move, so I kept going. He moved, but he didn’t move his arms. One of his hands hit my right handlebar (which has the FRONT brake) and my front wheel nearly stopped, almost sending me flying! Luckily I recovered and kept on going. Geesh!

When we went to the rocky hill that we had pushed our bikes up when we’d started our ride, dad just sped down, so I did too. As I went down, my back wheel sort of skidded out from under me, and I slid down the rest of the hill sideways. Yikes!


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