Tomorrow, tomorrow, We Fly Out, Tomorrow...

It's only a day away. 

Can you believe it? I can't... at all. This morning I woke up at 5:00, and my subconscious was belting out this Annie tune. I have been in a weird fog for the past few days. While I am supposed to be helping Mark with last minute details, my mind just continues to wander to Buenos Aires. In a lot of ways, I just want to be there already!! I'm not sure if I'm in shock, denial, or a little bit of both.

I actually managed to get packed a few days earlier than Mark, so I had a chance to have some sweet time with friends and also sneak in a few hours of pampering! Do they have nail salons in BA? I'm sure they do, but who knows when I'll get brave enough to try it out. Of course, it can't be much different than the salon I go to now. I can't understand anything that they say either :). I desperately needed to get some hair help, too, and I opted for a new salon that was close to home. Can I share a piece of advice? Never try out a new salon when you are moving to another country in a few days. Yikes. It was a near disaster, I was almost a strawberry blonde, alarmingly similar to Annie. But thanks to some quick thinking on the stylist's part and some demi gloss, the brunette Sarah has returned.

I have managed to clear the fog enough to help Mark out a bit. Actually, these past few weeks have been quite busy! Mark and I got our booster shots, all the bins and space bags were packed (Space bags and a Food Saver are a MUST when packing so much!), prescriptions were ordered (insurance companies will allow refills 3 months in advance for vacationing), medical records were scanned, homeschooling was put on hold until we arrive in BA, mail was forwarded, bank accounts were set up for international use, oh... and both kids caught a cold... perfect timing. There are a ton of other last minute things we've had to do, but I'll spare you the details. You get the picture.

Yesterday was our final packing day. Mark has been meticulously measuring and analyzing the baggage we will take, and he wanted to try packing everything in the car. Amazingly, everything fit into our minivan, with room still for 3 adults and 2 kids!! Although, we now have quite the low-rider...

Our Swagger Wagon
The bags are each a different color and the bins are numbered. And of course, my dear Type A hubby has a spreadsheet to show what items are in each bag and bin, how much each weighs, as well as which luggage goes to the apartment and which goes into the storage unit. It is 'tidy.'

One of our major concerns is still customs. Not because we're trying to sneak anything in the country, but just because it will be like the Clampetts coming to town. After an overnight flight, we will look (and smell) a bit like hillbillies who have packed up their double-wide and graced Argentina with our presence. Not to mention the two sleepy-eyed, whining chilluns we'll have in tow. I have a feeling we'll be flagged for sure! It has crossed my mind to pinch Michael before we get to the security check, so that he'll be screaming in that precious, high-pitched tone that sends dogs running. That might make them shuffle us right on through!

I will try to stay focused on the present and all the final elements before we leave, but Argentina is beckoning. And although I am sad to say goodbye to dear friends and family here, I feel so blessed to be starting our adventure...tomorrow.


  1. Boohoo-ing. Also to your Annie tunes you can add "I wanna be a part of B.A., Buenos Aires, Big Apple" and "HELLO Buenos Aires! I'm new! I wanna say I'm just a little stuck on you. You'll be on me too." (A small "Evita" montage for ya.)

  2. Praying for you guys! Keep in touch! We love you! xo
    The Ursos

  3. I would be interested in your thoughts on international banking, which institutions provide decent remote access, reasonable international transaction charges, etc.

    Safe travels!

  4. Bon Voyage!!! I'm sure we will all be entertained with your posts!
    Be Safe,
    Melissa English


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