We're Off to Vanuatu!

Author: Mark
Date: June 12, noon NZT
Location: 32 35 S - 174 41 E
Conditions: 6-8kts @ 130 TWA, 10T COG, 6.7 kts AVG SOG, 2.0m swell

Finally! We grabbed a weather window and jumped off yesterday. It's not a perfect window. We will be running in 25kts+ of wind the last three days of passage. However, the wind will be from behind, at about 150 TWA with following seas, so we are expecting a fast, mostly comfortable ride. Lots of boats are still in NZ waiting for a better window. Follow our blog, and we'll keep you informed daily on our progress.

It was hard to leave New Zealand for probably the last time aboard Field Trip. We fell in love with the country and people over the past 18 months. If we were to settle away from our home in the US, NZ is top of our list.

Michael has been by far the most excited about the trip. He reminded me on Friday that we have been waiting 'five weeks' to leave, and he was ready to 'go'. Now, truth be told, it is less about the sailing for Michael and more about the kids and their 'Choice'. Whenever we go sailing for more than 8 hours, the kids get to pick a movie or 1 hour of iPad time for 'free'. Normally, they work to earn points to play a game or watch a movie. When sailing, they get a daily dose of fun. Even knowing their tummies may hurt the first day or two, they still want to go sailing. It's great. We spiced up the trip this year with another special incentive. On Monday they get a 'double choice' day. This is by design, as Monday we expect to have stronger winds and the comfort level will drop onboard...but this will keep their minds on "Which movie to watch?" vs. "Pass the puke bucket!" :)

Menu today onboard - Eggs and toast for breakfast, burritos for lunch and fresh stir fry for dinner. Yum!

Well, I need to get off to some rest. Sarah will be posting her thoughts on the trip soon. Until next time....


  1. Fairwinds and following seas on your passage


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