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Parasailor University

Two Antares owners - the Sullivan's and Silverstein's - went to St. Petersburg, FL last week to attend a detailed class on our new spinnakers .  It was exceptional .  The Parasailor team, owners of s/v Dragonfly (Fountaine Pajot Belize 43') and the Hunter 49' we used for lodging were excellent. Sarah unfortunately got a sinus infection the day prior.  She had significant nausa the night before and a splitting headache during our class.  Ugh for Sarah.  Needless to say, I was wrapped up in the class and probably not the best husband that day...sorry honey! I would strongly recommend the class to anyone purchasing the sail.  We learned a lot, and frankly found out some items we are researching for our Antares boats to ensure we can easily rig our sails in the future. More on that later, after my trip to Argentina in the next couple of weeks.  All in all, VERY pleased with our decision on the Parasailor and excited to get it deployed on our boat! I produced a video,


Finally!  We hired a professional graphics artist to work on our logo.  We want participation from YOU to help us decide which logo to use for our boat. Key considerations for the logo are: * Must be clean and easy to see on boat * It will be embroidered on shirts * Something that symbolizes our trips The graphic designer we used is Keith.  He is EXCELLENT.  His contact info is below if anyone is interested in contacting Keith for a logo design project. Keith Tyrrell Sample Work So, without further adieu, below are our logo options.  Please review and let us know what you think by voting! P.S. You can click on logo and pictures to enlarge Logo #1 - Wave Logo #2 - Red Wheel Logo #3 - Blue Wheel Logo #4 - Name Only Vote Now! Logo Poll

Men vs. Wild

300 Miles.   2 Days.   100% Testosterone. Every year we have a 'guys' weekend in the mountains on our ATVs and motorcycles.  It's great. This year we went to Taylor Park, CO.  From here we ride to Aspen, Crested Butte & St. Elmo Ghost Town. I'm looking forward to moving this trip from the mountains to our boat in the Caribbean.  Sure, it will be different, but it will still be great.  My first 'guys trip' on the boat will be 4,000 NM, 30 days and lots of time on our hands.  It will be great, and is about 4 months away. Some GREAT pictures were taken by Marble.  Here is a link to the pics from our ride. Below is a video from this weekend.   Enjoy.  It is also in 1080p HD on the YouTube site.

Final Countdown

Six weeks before we move to Argentina!  Time is flying by this summer.  There are so many things we are doing to prepare for the big trip.  It's crazy! A quick update on our progress: SOLD!  We have the major large items we are selling either sold or listed.  There are three more key items left to sell.  I'm confident we'll have them sold before we leave. PURCHASED!  All but a few miscellaneous items on our 'Buy in the US' list are purchased.  Thats over 150 items ( new list here )!  The poor UPS guy thinks we're crazy!  Every day there's a stack of boxes in front of the house.  I can't even remember what we purchased.  It has become a ritual - every afternoon I call the kids over, we open boxes (kids love opening boxes) and organize the new stuff downstairs. DELAYED!  Our boat is delayed 4-6 weeks.  It is what it is.  When it comes to planning dates around boat deliveries, the best advice I can give you is 'FUGGETABOUTIT'.  We are still

Summer School

After our two week family roadtrip, I started getting excited to start homeschooling.  I wanted to do some "summer school" for a couple of reasons.  One - I needed to know what materials I would need in order to plan for packing purposes.  Once I figured out the general plan for the year, I was able to make a packing list for school supplies that I would need for those topics I would teach while in Argentina.  Two - I wanted to get us all in "the groove" of school every morning for at least a few hours.  My original intention was for everyone to be up, dressed, and fed before 8, but it's summer and we enjoy our pj's!  Often, our schedule for the mornings looks more like this... breakfast, chores, school, then finally dress for the day.  There is just something so wonderful about having my cup of coffee, sitting at the table with the kids, in my comfy pjs.  Can't beat it, and who am I to limit learning styles , right?  I think my learning style is comfort

Antares Yachts Argentina Tour

Finally!  I edited the video and put together a 13 minute tour on building the Antares 44i.  It's amazing what you can get done on a plane to the Bahamas. :) Enjoy!