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Video Blog

It’s about time!   In fact it’s been over a year and a half since we have posted one of our travel videos.   We have not lost our passion for creating a video documentary of our trip.   We simply lost decent internet connectivity for a long time, and got WAY behind on our video editing. To put some numbers behind the video process, it takes 20-40 hours of work for each 10-15min video we produce.   50% of the time involves the visual graphics and audio scripting.   That’s a lot of time.   Can we shorten the process?   Yes, but, I have an inherent fault…I tend to be a perfectionist and want the videos to be done to the best of my ability.   I’m not a professional, but like to find ways to continually improve the quality and content of each video we produce.   We’re documenting this for our family, and happen to have a large audience of followers enjoying this along with us. So what can you expect for 2016?   LOTS more videos.   We are in process of sorting through our footage

Squid...It's What's for Dinner

Photo from Living in land-locked Colorado didn't lend itself to a lot of fresh seafood dinners.  Sure, we could feast on buffalo burgers, venison stew, or elk medallions, but pelagic fish cooked up at a Colorado restaurant could hardly be advertised as  fresh.   And sushi?  That was just asking for trouble.   On board, however, the sea has become our supermarket.  And fresh?  You can't get any fresher than hauling a tuna aboard and slicing off a piece of sashimi to nibble on while you fillet the rest.  Again, I will say, I'm not an adventurous eater, but I'm willing to try anything.  Well, sea turtle cooked in coconut milk?  No way.  (yes, this was offered to me on more than one occasion)  Okay,  almost anything.   Since visiting New Zealand, I have had my first tastes of raw oysters (not again... ever), steamed green-lipped mussels (yum!), and raw scallops (double yum!).  Our palates are adjusting as we travel to far away places and jump o

Our Cruiser Christmas

Our First Cruiser Christmas alongside the dock in San Fernando, Argentina Has it really been four years since the day we officially became a cruising family?  It was Christmas Eve 2011 when Field Trip became our home.  While heavy bins and suitcases were moved from our storage unit in San Fernando, Argentina to the dock then onto the boat, I carefully kept track of one very important piece of luggage.  It wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without it - a secret sack containing our tiny tree, stockings, ornaments, and wrapped gifts I’d kept hidden!  Somehow, even with all the change and transition, I wanted to hold tight to the joys and traditions of Christmas.  Since that night, we’ve celebrated four more Christmases.  One back in the states with family, one in Santa Marta, Colombia, and last year here in a very rainy New Zealand.   How would we celebrate this year?  A few days prior, chatter started on the radio among our fellow family boats to coordinate a Christmas anchor