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I f you've seen Fiddler on the Roof, you will have this song stuck in your head all day along with me! The character Tevye's bold lyrics stress the importance of traditions in holding families and communities together. "Traditions, traditions. Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as... as... as a fiddler on the roof!" Living onboard challenges this mom to uphold and maintain those ever-important traditions. At our home in Colorado, we have storage boxes for various holidays stacked in our basement - Easter, Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving - filled with decorations and memories. But when you live within the square feet of a boat, that doesn't leave a ton of space for storing "non-necessities". Thankfully, we have found a few fun ways to celebrate holidays, and traditions live on!! Some are new traditions and some are simply 'adapted'. CHRISTMAS Our first official night aboard Field Trip was Christmas Eve.

A - OK

We apologize in advance for our belated blog entry.  We've admittedly relied on FaceBook to keep up to date our most recent moves post Hurricane Sandy. Our spot in the Dismal Swamp was perfect.  We were behind the locks, tied securely to a wall and waited out the storm.  We saw 30-35kt gusts, and that was it.  Lots of rain.  We met a lot of new folks and met another kid boat from Canada. While we were holed up with rainy days, I was able to work on a new method to record our logs.  More details later when I get this off the ground.  Going to be a really neat and efficient way for boats to keep track of everything regarding 'boat life' on the iPad. After the Dismal Swamp, we booked it through the ICW to Moorehead City, NC and sailed non-stop 'outside' to Charleston, SC.  Here we hooked up with our buddy boat Equilibre (Catana Catamaran with 3 kids aboard) and had a lot of fun catching up post Hurricane Sandy. Field Trip alongside wall in Dismal Swamp Can