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Behind the Scenes

Field Trip has become our home, which means that we are really settled in and feeling cozy.  It also means that it is time to reorganize and de-clutter. We often give you glimpses of what we do outside  the boat, but I thought you might be interested in seeing what happens behind the scenes.  It is nothing very exciting for us, that's for sure, but perhaps interesting to some of you 'landlovers'. Our boatschooling cabinet, finally organized! In between guests visiting and our traveling down the East Coast, we have days that we deem "work days."  In our house in Colorado, it seemed like every room had a "stuff it" drawer or cupboard that hid the clutter and miscellaneous items brought by life.  Inevitably, there have become areas such as this on board as well.  But, unlike home, we don't have room to store clutter and miscellaneous.  There's barely room for my necessary shoes!   So, on these days, we do organization, cle