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It's all Downhill

Wow. It’s hard to believe that the rest of our sailing will involve very little wind forward of the beam. It’s going to be almost all downwind. We’ve literally spent 12,000+ miles sailing from a beam to close reach. In many way’s we’ve become accustomed to this type of sailing…and have actually enjoyed pushing ourselves to master these points of sail on Field Trip. Points of Sail We’ve tried most sail combinations, worked on using our Code Zero for close hauled sailing – and have enjoyed creating our own apparent wind to go faster. Now, it’s a different ballgame. We find ourselves reducing our apparent wind as we go faster, relying on stronger prevailing conditions to make us go as fast as we could if sailing the other direction in less true wind. Cruising is not about fast. I need to get that into my head…. Sailing 'Wing on Wing' Wing on Wing view from Trampoline Boat motion sailing downwind is generally calmer than sailing the other direction.

Saying Goodbye...Again

Sunset at St. George's anchorage, Grenada During our eight weeks in Colorado, we loved seeing dear friends and family, going trick or treating, and eating our favorite American foods.  It was a great visit, but BUSY!  With the car and the house on the market and all the doctors appointments scheduled for each family member, we returned to our old ways fairly quickly.  Running from place to place and relying on our calendars more than we had for months!  The snow and cold was refreshing for a few weeks, but soon we were more than ready for the tropical warmth of Grenada again.  The grass is always greener, I guess. Gutting pumpkins for Jack 'O Lanterns The good news is that the house and car are both sold (pending all the paperwork, of course), and we are all happy to be back on board.  The first night we arrived, the kids ran to their room, shouting, “We’re home, we’re home!”  They couldn’t wait to play at the beach with all the boat kids.  It was a reassuring moment

We're Back!!

We’re back in more than one way! Back in Grenada. Back on the blog. Back on the videos! Yeah! It’s been a VERY busy summer for Field Trip. Lots to let everyone know about over the next couple of weeks. We kicked off with Field Trip being splashed back in the water after being away for six weeks. I had a very short window – 72 hours – before some of my friends arrived for a guys sailing trip. Needless to say, it was scramble, scramble, and scramble. Galley Mess! Salon Mess! All turned out well, and we had a great time sailing, fishing and touring around the Grenadines and Grenada. On beach Tobago Cays with Bobby and John Four Amigos Seven Sisters Waterfalls- Bobby, Myself, Ken, John The Waterfall - Seven Sisters Grenada Here is a video of our trip. The BIG news - we are getting ready for the next leg of our journey - Bonaire, Colombia, Panama & South Pacific.  There's a lot to cover on this topic over several posts, so stay tuned