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Lots and lots has happened. Some expected, some unexpected. Our frustration level reached a peak last week – and we needed to just unplug. The best medicine to cure the lists of stuff that need re-fixing on our boat is to set sail, find a secluded anchorage, explore, swim, and just inhale the surroundings. So, that’s what we’ve been doing the last couple of days. There have been a lot of firsts for the new Field Trip crew: We successfully docked the boat with Sarah and I to get water We planned a 3-hour sail to a beautiful anchorage in Ilha Grande (so nice we decided to stay a little longer…) We went to the prettiest beach we’ve ever seen, and had a blast with kiddos. We literally walked through a jungle to get there, and spotted Marmosets playing in the trees! We had our first of many Caiprinhas (specialty drink of Brazil) Both kids snorkeled for the first time – and LOVED IT! We saw a huge starfish, a turtle, and lots of tropical fish. Elizabeth successfully took t

Brazil brings Beaches, Buns, and Buddies

The first obvious sign that we were in Rio was the buns, not the cheese buns for which Brazil is famous, called Pao de Queijo , but the tanned variety on the Copacabana Beach!  (cue Barry Manilow)  Luckily, the kids were more interested in playing in the sand, and didn't notice the cheeks everywhere.  The water was cold, but the beach was hot, in more ways than one!  Along the beach is a famous black and white tiled walkway that has a pattern to represent the beach itself.  Each beach in Rio has it's own pattern, in order to distinguish each from the other. Vendors walk along the beach selling all kinds of wares, including these skimpy little bikinis.  I figured I'd better have one as a souvenir, and now I have the toasted buns to prove that I was brave enough to wear it the following day.  Only my sister and a few dear friends will lay eyes on the photo I made Elizabeth take of me baking on the beach, and they have been sworn to keep it off of Facebook!!  (You know who


A great crew is important.  It's even more important on a new boat. On the surface we probably look a little unruly.  Different languages,  backgrounds, experiences and minimal showers (grin).  Dig a little deeper, we are kindred spirits. All of us love sailing.  We are driven and enjoy hard work.  And....we were consultants!  Yep.  Small world.  Diego is an alumni of Deloitte and Carlos Bain Consulting. We have lists, project plans, status reports, more lists, and more spreadsheets than your average sailing crew.  Carlos whips out a report on an issue, documents all the details and emails to us diagnostics.  In short, we're having a blast, and performing great as a team.  Together we are turning what could have been a fairly challenging trip into a seamless, well oiled machine.  We have literally gone from 'Good to Great' in a week. We're off today for Ilha Grande (Rio de Janeiro).  Watch out Poseidon, we have a crew of consultants ready to tackle any is

An Attitude of Gratitude

“Wise men count their blessings;  fools their problems.”--Unknown You have heard stories, seen photos, and still can’t imagine the chaos that the past few weeks have brought for our family.    Mark has been in overdrive with spreadsheets and checklists.   And as he was running circles around the rest of us in a frenzy of final boat logistics and mechanical details, I have simply tried to do what Moms do best… hold down the fort.   It was a flashback of the days when Mark was in the rat race of corporate America, and I was home changing diapers and reading bedtime stories.    We knew these roles well.   Only in the past few months had we gotten a taste of “the good life” with overlapping roles and family time.   In many ways, our quality time together in that little Buenos Aires apartment had unknowingly prepared us and restored us enough to tackle the obstacles of these past few weeks.   And in the midst of the chaos, we had some very sweet moments.   In my attempt