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A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Exumas

This is a sort of follow up post to my Dinghy Dilemma experience. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? So, here’s the latest in our adventure. Mark is captain and cruise director this week as we have some guests aboard. We wanted to give them the full experience of a vacation, so the kids and I left the boat and are staying at a condo. Let me just say that this is NOT a sacrifice, and it has been quite a treat for each of us. Elizabeth and Michael have loved playing in the chlorinated pool with other kids and watching a few shows on TV. I have liked the washer/dryer combo (an ongoing theme in my posts, I know), long showers, and the fast internet connection. The other night, I indulged in watching the finale of The Bachelor live, rather than intermittently streaming on a spotty connection. Bliss. Needless to say, we are not suffering. However, the place is a bit removed from town. It is at least 2 miles in either direction to a grocery store and the main town of Ge

Dingy Dilema

Recently, on a quick trip with some of my favorite girlfriends, I found myself super excited to be added as a driver for our rental car. Yes, cruising has had some strange effects on what excites me. My friends were looking forward to sitting by the pool, while I was thrilled to be washing clothes with a full size washer/dryer and loading dirty dishes into a dishwasher. They chuckled at me a bit when I begged to go to Target and Trader Joe’s, just to wander wide-eyed down the aisles. And at one point, when something fell into the pool, I suggested they might find a ‘boat hook’ in the garage with which to fish it out! My, my how I have morphed unknowingly. The most exciting commodity of being on land again, though, was having a car to drive. I turned up the radio and turned on the air conditioning, just because I could. I drove around town aimlessly, amazed at how many miles I could cover! When Mark tells me that our next anchorage is 15 miles away, that means about 2.5 hour