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Time in the Tuomotus - Part One

After our eventful sail to the atolls of the Tuomotus, we were ready for some fun in the sun.  That’s exactly what we got as we traveled throughout three of the atolls.   In the Marquesas, tall mountains drop straight down into the sea along the coast, making anchorages very deep.  The scenery there was beautiful, but we found that we didn’t do much swimming in the deep, dark waters.  (If we can’t see the sharks clearly, then that means they can’t see us clearly and might mistake us for dinner!)  But inside the atolls, we found beaches with crystal clear, shallow anchorages, reminiscent of the Bahamas.  Our shallow draft catamaran could nestle close to the palm tree-lined shore, offering shelter from the winds.  Calm water inside the atoll, and crashing waves from the open ocean right on the other side. The kids LOVED the shallow, clear water! Tahanea was our first stop.   The entrance was fairly wide and deep, but we still had to monitor the tidal currents