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The Year of the Pig

Bring on the BACON!  Since arriving in Thailand, bacon has been a steady staple in our fridge after an entire year without it.  Throughout Indonesia, a predominately Muslim country, pork was obsolete, and we missed our BLTs and bacon and eggs.  (Honestly, how can one be expected to survive without such vital rations??)   So, it was a bit fortuitous that we finally found ourselves in Thailand, land of infinite pork, to celebrate the ringing in of the 2019 Chinese New Year, coincidentally, a year of the pig. This New Year’s celebration, our first ever, was going to be special.  A fellow Antares owner, Eric, and his wife Cora, have lived in Phuket for ten years but are originally from Hong Kong.  They are amazing resources regarding all things Phuket and have helped us source boat parts and services specific to our boat.  More importantly, though, is the friendship that has grown between us in such a short amount of time.  It was a thrill to be invited to their home for a glimp