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Beautiful Bonaire

Six times is a charm.  That's how many times I've been to Bonaire.  It was surreal to sail to Bonaire, with my family, on our boat.  Of all the places I've been diving, this is by far my favorite. There is something about being able to dive almost an entire island - by shore.  Wade into the crystal clear water, and you're off!  However, this time it was a little different.  We used our dinghy, and dove some of our favorite sites, from the comfort of our own boat.   Friends of ours spent almost two months in Bonaire - diving.  They dove over 50 dives - all with the convenience of their own equipment and dinghy. The highlight for me - by far - was doing a family dive with all four of us!  Michael did his first dive - in 10 feet of water.  We all had a BLAST.  There was nothing like seeing your little boy figure out how to clear his ears and take off, with daddy of course holding on to him - as he was a little unpredictable shooting off in one direction or the oth

A Playful Visitor

A Playful Visitor by:  Elizabeth I was sailing on the deep blue sea,  When something came to visit me. It had a tail, a rounded snout,  It made a squeak, and leaped about. A silver back, a dorsal fin, Could it be… It’s a DOLPHIN!!!