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Limbo, Limbo

Have you ever felt like you were flailing between who you were and who you were becoming?  Like in junior high when you couldn't quite figure out where you fit in or where you wanted to fit in?    That's how I'm feeling today, stuck in limbo between my new cruising life and the one I knew for years in suburban Colorado. A few days ago, we finished the painstaking job of packing up the boat to protect it while it will be on land in a boatyard for the next six weeks.  We'd compiled a back-breaking spreadsheet of items we needed to check off before we could head to the airport on Thursday. And while crisp, cool Fall weather was creeping into Colorado, Grenada was blasting us with temperatures in the high 90's and full blown humidity.  We literally could have swabbed the deck with the constant stream of perspiration running down our backs!  Needless to say, it was a torturous couple of days.  Mark and I agreed that we'd do anything to avoid storing the boat e

Tweaking Tweaks

We are tweaking our boat with lots of little items. None are essential, but most are further refining our live-a-board experience. Others are fixing mistakes made in hopes not to make them again! :-) We’ve not finalized our future plans just yet, but have a fairly good idea (plenty of back and forth) what we are doing beginning in December. Let’s just say it involves remote locations, no marinas or chandleries and limited access to most western ‘things’. This anticipation is driving our craze to get things done and tweak the boat ‘while we can’. I’ve broken up our tweaks in categories, with a brief explanation. Electrical The boat is wired beautifully. It’s easy to slam in wires. Antares has taken great care in making most of the wiring easy to follow and it is well labeled and organized. Wiring panel organization Anchor Light We added a sunlight sensor to the anchor light so it will turn ‘on’ automatically at dusk – when the anchor light is turned on at t