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Sail Rock - Written by Michael

Adventures in the Similan Islands, Thailand View of Sail Rock from below I made a running leap up onto a large rock, and all the other kids were like, “HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET UP THERE??!!”. I have to admit, I was a bit proud of myself! But then I had to wait for the other kids to find a way up!! Yesterday we went ashore to play with another kid boat called Rainbow Safari!! There was this giant rock that had a whole cave behind it, so Niki (9 years), Robby (5 years) and I (11 years) all went exploring behind it. We found a lot of treasure troves full of (sadly) trash and lots of pieces of coral!! Then we walked all the way over the rocks at the end of the smaller island. We found a cave in between two large stones that led far back in a narrow tunnel. We didn’t have time to explore it, because we were going on a hike! We went to this trail that led to an immense balancing rock called Sail Rock. On the path was a massive monitor lizard that quickly scampered aw