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Gotta love a local produce market! So... this is a blog post from a little while ago, as we've found the wifi in Panama pretty elusive.  It was a few days after Christmas, and time to venture into the street markets of Colombia to restock our fresh foods in order to  s t r e t c h  our leftover holiday items into full meals.  I made sure I had plenty of small bills and reusable bags before walking the 10+ blocks.   Luckily a friend offered to show me around, otherwise I'd have to keep my nose in a street map and miss seeing all the sights - like the ceviche street vendor with folks lined up in front of his cart, the young police men stationed at major intersections to 'keep the peace', and the lady sitting in a simple school desk along the sidewalk selling 'minutes' to recharge cell phones!  I quickly realized that I could find almost anything I needed (and lots that I didn't need) on the tables lining the sidewalks - alarm clocks, belts, fake crocs, clo