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Beyond the Bay

Cape Brett Lighthouse Last year when our anchor seemed cemented in the Bay of Islands, we vowed to return to New Zealand and venture out a bit more.  Of course, back then, Mark had lofty dreams of sailing all the way around top of the North Island and down to Nelson on the South Island.  I’m afraid we didn’t quite make it that far, but we have sailed beyond the Bay. Cape Brett and Whangamumu  Mist rising from the crashing waves along the craggy coastline. Kids love watching the hulls break through the water It was a gorgeous day for a sail as we rounded Cape Brett and finally waved goodbye to the beautiful Bay of Islands.  The coastline is rocky and jagged, with the famous Hole in the Rock at the very tip.  The seas were so calm, we could sail between the outcropping of rock and the lighthouse that stands watch atop a grassy hill.  As we rounded into Whangamumu Harbor, we noticed turbulence on the water’s surface.  Birds, small terns, were hopping and skipping o

Panama Canal Video

We have another new video.  This is a video about our trip up the Charges river and through the Panama Canal.  It was great fun reliving this time in our journey as we edited the film and created the scripts. We have been very fortunate in our travels and it is great remembering this significant time when we crossed from the Caribbean to the Pacific ocean aboard Field Trip. There are currently three other Antares going through the Panama Canal in the next couple of weeks. We wish them the very best in their journey and hope they have good line handlers and deck hands to assist on their historic journey through the amazing Panama Canal.