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Ulithi Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

Sweet kids of MogMog MogMog Island, Ulithi Atoll “It’s turned into a tropical storm, but all the weather forecasts show it going well north of us.”  Famous.  Last.  Words.   On our way from Yap to Guam, we opted to stopover in the Ulithi Atoll, just to regroup and rest.  It wasn’t a planned stop, but we all needed a welcomed break from the seas.  Of course, because it wasn’t planned, we hadn’t told anyone in Ulithi we were coming.  When we dropped the anchor just off the beach of MogMog Island, we immediately got a call on our VHF radio with a polite voice asking why we were there, how many people were onboard, and what our intentions were.  We assured them we meant no harm and were simply stopping to give our family a rest.  Then we all piled in the dinghy with a small gift in hand for the chief (an LED flashlight) to say hello to our new neighborhood. Chief Stanley offers a warm welcome Chief Stanley greeted us on shore and promptly instructed us on proper eti