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Tomorrow, tomorrow, We Fly Out, Tomorrow...

It's only a day away.  Can you believe it? I can't... at all. This morning I woke up at 5:00, and my subconscious was belting out this Annie tune. I have been in a weird fog for the past few days. While I am supposed to be helping Mark with last minute details, my mind just continues to wander to Buenos Aires. In a lot of ways, I just want to be there already!! I'm not sure if I'm in shock, denial, or a little bit of both. I actually managed to get packed a few days earlier than Mark, so I had a chance to have some sweet time with friends and also sneak in a few hours of pampering! Do they have nail salons in BA? I'm sure they do, but who knows when I'll get brave enough to try it out. Of course, it can't be much different than the salon I go to now. I can't understand anything that they say either :). I desperately needed to get some hair help, too, and I opted for a new salon that was close to home. Can I share a piece of advice? Never

Mission Impossible!

I just got back from Argentina.  It was excellent. Tiring, at times stressful (complete search of luggage in customs, and ' no speaky Spanish' - thank goodness for rubber gloves...) but overall very good. The trip began with a detailed search of my luggage after landing in Argentina.  OK, not just normal luggage for 4 days.  I brought down 6 bins of 'stuff' for the boat.  I am sure I looked somewhat suspicious, pushing a cart, pulling a dolly and balancing an 8 foot black tube full of fishing rods and an MOB pole.  I didn't even make it to the back of the green 'express nothing to declare line' before the customs officials flagged me over.  He was watching me the whole time...probably thinking "WTF?  Does this guy really think he can slide through customs and not declare anything??"   That is what I was thinking...but.... In the end, I spoke no Spanish.  He spoke no English.  We spent the better part of 45 minutes going through every bin and p

Calling the SHOTS!

Shot-phobe Drama Queen in full character! Well, it was shot day for all of us a couple weeks ago.  We all knew the day would come, it's been a topic of conversation and anxiety for Elizabeth since Mark let her watch another family's videoed immunization experience.  Fearful anticipation has been a recurring theme in this department. Let's give some background on my little drama queen. Immunizations seem to be a source of horror for every kid's visit to the doctor's office once they are old enough to connect the two.  Elizabeth figured all of this out early... too early.  Seems like, since she could talk, every time I tell her "We need to take you in to see the doctor," her immediate response is, "Will I have to get shots???"  When we went in for her 5 year appointment, two nurses and myself were required to hold her down in order to calm the beast that reared its ugly head.  It was quite traumatic for everyone.  Amazingly, within a seco


I am off to Argentina TODAY!  It has been a very long time since our last post.  Our apologies.  It has been crazy around here getting ready for the Argentina trip.   Key items we have done since our last blog: Sold all items on our list except for one...with a current sale pending this week Immunizations for everyone - Sarah to post detail entry on this shortly Interior of house painted - YEP, by 'Yours Truly' Carpet measured and ordered for house Packing, packing, packing Homeschooling every day to get kids ahead of curve before trip Gym 4-5 times per week Frankly I've been busier now than I was working...seriously! OK, so now for a great set of videos just posted.  You need to check these out.  Salwa from Antares did a GREAT job.  We have been following s/v Barefeet now for a long, long time...and great to see them back safely!!   Enjoy the videos! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:  http://youtu