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Video Vixen

Videos are a key part of how we're documenting our travels.  We've produced 19, with many more on the way.  The problem has been - how to keep them organized on this blog? We've used YouTube.  They're frankly too restrictive for how we produce the videos. The best solution by far is Vimeo.  Vimeo imbeds in our blog, plays on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices - and allows more 'creativity' in audio track selection. This week I've moved all videos into one location - a Field Trip Channel on Vimeo.  Once we get the new widget written for the blog, you will see a live feed on the right. Until then, below are the options to view and subscribe to this new video feed. The 3rd Episode of the Atlantic Cup Rally is now here! RSS Video Feed - Click Here Direct Link to Channel - Click Here Current Videos on Field Trip Channel

Reality Check

We're back in the United States.  Field Trip is secure in Newport, RI and we're currently in Denver, CO. So, how are we faring?  Candidly, I dreaded coming back to Denver.  Even for 3 weeks, it was a dread.  The same feeling you get when being on vacation and then go back to work.  Ugh. The experience has been outstanding.  "Why stop now?"  That's been the big question. It's frankly hard to answer - without a reality check. Enter reality : Traffic. Cars. Schedules. Airports. Email. Sarah and I've both been busily reconnecting with our friends and colleagues.  For fun, and at the prodding of Sarah, I jumped on a plane this week and went to Las Vegas to reconnect with colleagues from the past 18+ years.  It was short, but great. So, the answer?  Was the 3 week reality check enough to convince us what to do?  Yep.  We've made our plans as a family, and we're off.  We've decided that we will continue to explore New England this summer a

From Longtails to Lobsters

Last time I blogged, I left many of you frantically checking the weather channel, watching Beryl, the tropical storm off of Florida .  I apologize for the quick blog wrap-up, but as you know, weather doesn't wait.  Tropical storms are no exception, and we needed to get going in order to beat the storm that was brewing.  So, with a few meals prepared, seasick meds taken, rigging and boat systems checked, a helpful crew member aboard, and a blog post brought to a screeching halt, we skidaddled. I was anxious to find out what the next four days would bring, and more importantly, if we had what it took to make a passage with our two kids aboard.  Mark and I had crossed the Gulf Stream once before, and the mere mention of it conjures up memories of me in my foulies, getting pummeled with waves coming over the bow, as I'm trying to hand steer over 10 foot swells.  That trip had challenged me, but in the end, made me stronger.  I wondered what the Gulf Stream had in store for m