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I have spent the last 18 years in the field of Human Resources and Technology.  In my career, I have worked for Oracle, been CEO of Xcelicor and most recently a partner at Deloitte Consulting, LLP.  I have alway said when 'work' is no longer 'fun' it is time for a change...and I hit that wall recently - deciding to take a Sabbatical from the rat race and spend quality time with my family.  When will I go back?  I have no idea, but it probably won't be anytime too soon...

As a kid going to Florida for family vacations, we would sail small boats, and owned a Sunfish that I sailed with my father.  To this day it is a great memory and we had fun learning how to sail, and eventually taking the boat out myself with no adult supervision.  From the Sunfish we moved up to sailing a 16ft Hobie..and with the jib, brought a new dynamic (not to mention speed) to the experience.  It was great.

I have been blessed with a great family.  The top priority for me is to spent quality time with my family and have fun.  When the 'net fun' experience no longer outweighs all the 'challenges', it will be time to cash in the chips and get back on land, starting another company.  Until this happens...and 'if' it happens, we will be working hard as a family to figure out all the details about sailing and discover the world via water.  It won't be easy, nothing ever is that is worth having...so here we go...writing another chapter in the Silverstein Family memoirs...


How did I get signed up for this?  One of the things I have loved most about Mark is his sense of adventure.  He gets me out of my comfort zone and has shown me a world where fear and worry take a back seat to creating memories and new experiences.  From our honeymoon in Costa Rica to the motorcycle trek from Nashville to Yellowstone, I knew I better just hang on for the ride!

Honestly, my two personas have dueled from the time this sailing venture was a blip on the screen.  One side of me can't wait for the simplicity, down time, exploration, and family experience.  But the other, can't even fathom why in the world we'd want to do this... the immunizations, the lack of babysitters, the tight quarters, the homeschooling, not to mention the sailing experience - which I don't have lots of!  Throughout the planning and process, I've had to remind myself that God will be everywhere we are, and that His purposes and plans for us are so much greater than my worries.

I am a certified teacher with a masters degree in Elementary Education.  Although, I haven't taught since our first child, Elizabeth, came along, I have kept my foot in the teaching realm.  I have been involved in Teen MOPS (supporting young moms) and volunteer in the classroom from time to time.  It will be a sweet challenge to homeschool my own kiddos.  My friends and family are very important to me, and I am making sure they are all signed up for Skype, so that we can stay connected.

(see updated bios/pics below)

I'm Elizabeth, the big sister.  I'm 8 years old and am in the third grade.  I like to swim and play in the sand.  

I'm Michael, the little brother.  I'm 6 years old and am in first grade.  I like to play on the iPad and catch fish.  We have lived on our boat for 2 years so far.  Some of our favorite places were Hog Island in Grenada, Patagonia, Boston, Bahamas, and Bonaire.

Eight Years Later...


Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am 14 years old. I have been sailing on a catamaran for 8 and a half years, which means I was about 6 when we moved onto the boat. My favorite place that I have ever been was New Zealand, because it was so diverse with tropical islands and snow- tipped peaks that you can ski on.

During our travels, I have grown to love the ocean and all of its beauty - like its powerful waves we sail on and the rainbow-colored fish we see when scuba diving. I enjoy taking pictures of nudibranchs (a type of sea slug) to show how intricate they can be, from their tooth-covered radulas (mouths) to their delicate gills that gently sway in the ocean current.

However, all of this beauty I see is tainted with human carelessness. I have been to beaches miles from towns and cities that are covered with trash. I have seen huge nets sprawled over reefs and fishing lines zig-zagging between coral. The worst was when I saw a dead turtle with a blue plastic bag in its mouth floating next to the boat.

We live in a wonderful world and we should protect it by responsibly getting rid of our trash with recycling. The oceans produce more than 60% of the oxygen we breathe. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to experience so many different cultures,  places, and see many of God’s amazing creatures, which all make me realize what we will lose if we keep destroying the ocean. “We can’t do everything, but everyone can do something. (Waal, Together we can Turn the Tides, 2017)”


Well, it’s me, Michael, nearly 7 years since that last profile was written. I am 12 years old now. I have lots of hobbies which include drawing cartoons, swimming, writing, diving, and singing in the shower! But my biggest hobby is gaming. I play Minecraft (who doesn’t), Crash of Cars, Brawl Stars, and Fortnite (my newest fave!) I have been living on our boat for almost eight and a half years with my sister and parents, which is awesome— sometimes. The small living space means there aren’t many hideaways to sneak away to if my feelings are hurt. Usually, I just use the bathroom, the only room on the boat with a lockable door. 

But there are lots of cool things about living on a boat, too! We get to go anywhere we like and don’t have to worry about paying money (except for maybe some entrance and marina fees), and we get to visit incredible places and see amazing animals that other kids my age might never see. Sumatran tigers in Sumatra (Duh...), orangutans in Borneo, Komodo dragons in Komodo (Another duh), and whale sharks in Pintuyan, Philippines. And who knows what’s next!

Our Family 2020

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