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We have officially been living aboard for a year now.  My, how time flies!  It was last Christmas Eve when we hauled all of our belongings out of a storage unit in Argentina, down the docks in San Fernando, and aboard Field Trip for the first time.  I remember being amazed at how much stuff we had and being overwhelmed at trying to find some semblance of order among the chaos.  Since then, we have reorganized, de-cluttered, and rethought our use of storage over and over again.   It is an ever-evolving process as we transverse various environments and kid stages.  Toys and clothes have been given away as the kids grow out of them, and new ones take their place.  Our family rule is for every new item (clothing, kitchen gadget, toy, book, etc) that is brought on board, one item needs to leave to make room for it!  We don’t follow it all the time, but we can quickly tell when the rule needs to be reinstated!!  Christmas in Nashville So, when we went home to spen

Fraternal Friendship

We all grow up.  Some faster than others.  That was the sentiment from our recent fishing/diving trip.  Three of my Tau Kappa Epsilon pledge brothers joined Field Trip in Nassau Bahamas.  Times change when 20+ years fly by.  Marriage.  Careers.  Kids.  All very good.  What doesn't change is our fraternal friendship, memories and ability to laugh at each other and everything around us. It's very hard to find a time and place to get together.  Even harder when it involves a sailboat in a foreign country coupled with everyone's busy schedules.  A special thanks to our families for letting us have some guy time on the water.  It was fantastic. Everyone arrived late New Year's day in Nassau.  Early the next morning, we got up, provisioned the boat and left the marina.  It was a fast pace, but we wanted to get away from the city, and head to the remote islands of the Exumas. It was the first time sailing on a large boat for the crew.  We spent time doing safety discu