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Time in the Tuomotus - Part Two

Toau, Tuomotus Toau was our final stop in the Tuomotu Atolls and was a place I'll never forget.  Have you ever met those types of people who make you feel like they’ve known you forever?  They smile at you like they are welcoming you back, having missed you while you’ve been away? We tied up to a mooring ball in Anse Amyote in a false channel.   From the sea, it looks as if you can enter into the lagoon between shallow coral reefs, but as you get through the cut, you realize that you are encircled by a horseshoe-shaped ‘cul de sac’ of even more reef.   The diving here is good along the outer steep wall, but the people here are what captivated me.   I have wondered what local folks think of the sailing nomads that drift in and out of their villages, pillaging the grocery stores for any fresh eggs, produce, or baguettes we can find and then buzzing in swarms at the internet cafes, jabbering endlessly about the wind and weather.   I honestly think that we are like aliens