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Off the Charts in Fiji

Checking in with carefully weighed luggage! Our flight arrived back in Nadi, Fiji on Friday morning.  Weary, after a red-eye flight, we all clambered back aboard Field Trip, stepping over the eight duffle bags full of “stuff” we’d brought back from the states.  Our weariness dissipated, though, when we realized how many friends we had around us!  I’d assumed that everyone would have moved on from Port Denarau, continuing in their travels to Indonesia or exploring other parts of Fiji.  We were all very excited to reconnect with our ‘boat friends’ whom we’d missed so much!  Even jet lag couldn’t keep us from enjoying a happy hour that same night. What a wonderful way to be welcomed back! While we were catching up over Fiji Bitter Beer, we found out that our friends on Exodus and Breeze were planning to sail out the very next day to meet up with our friends on Lumbaz.   At first, I thought it would be impossible to think of leaving the next day with them, remembering the stac