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Pygmy Seahorse Spotting - Leave it to the Professionals!

Photo by J Gregory Sherman When all else fails, call in the professionals!  For the past 3 months in Indonesia, we were seeking out the elusive pygmy seahorses that are said to live in the delicate branches of the sea fan.  Today was the day I finally gave up and opened my wallet.  After all, the folks at Triton Bay Dive Resort boasted five species of the tiny invertebrates, and I’d failed to find even one on my own.  So, Mark, Elizabeth, and I suited up to go on a dive with ‘Jack’ - the master of finding the macro. Before entering the water, he told us we’d try to see all five species in this one dive.  I desperately wanted to believe him, but internally I scoffed, “All five in one?  I’d be happy with even one!”  I shushed the pessimistic doubter in me and flipped backwards into the water, determined to stay right with Macro Jack and his bionic eyes. Immediately, Jack had honed in on a pink gorgonian sea fan and was carefully looking through it to find a pygmy.  His flashlight